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Intelector is a digital platform to evaluate the quality of your candidates through exclusive personality assessments.

It is used by HR and recruitment professionals e hiring managers looking to improve their hiring decisions.

  • Assess reasoning and critical thinking to evaluate the decision making capabilities

  • Identify the key personality traits of your candidates and find the right fit for the team

  • Only interview the best candidates

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Use Intelector Screening to identify the candidates that present higher potential and lower risk according to their decision-making capabilities.

People capable of making good decisions have a bigger potential for high performance and fit a wider range of roles. The quality of decision making depends to a large extent on individual’s reasoning and critical thinking capabilities.

Once you have determined the candidates with lower risk and higher potential you need to see which ones are a better fit for the role.
You will use Intelector Profile to get an in-depth understanding the reasoning, motivations and behavioral style of each candidate. You will have a complete personality profile of each candidate so that you can prepare for interviewing only the best candidates of your recruitment pool.

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