We accelerate the development of high-performance organizations where people are more fulfilled

The execution of our 4 key dimensions of Talent Selection, Growth, Transformation and Assessments result in personal growth of individuals and thus teams and leadership achieve optimal performance starting with UNDERSTANDIG OF SELF AND OTHERS.

Our work often starts with improving the selection & hiring process or by supporting teams improve self-awareness, communication, trust, soft skills and team dynamics and performance.

We also have significant experience in working with Governments, especially in the developing world, to develop plans and align partners to implement programs for broad base adoption of technology.

Accelerating People Development

FCLR Consulting offers Team and Executive Coaching as well as Development Workshops, combined with a range of behavioural and cognitive assessments

We work alongside organizations to improve selection, integration and development in a sustainable manner, while SAVING TIME and MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS based on concrete data.

Supporting your organization in managing complex organizational changes and transition processes as well as building strategic plans to grow or expand your reach.

How We Do It

Through our experience as leaders in large multinational organizations we have selected some of the most effective talent selection, self-awareness and team development tools and methodologies.

We use a range of team and individual assessments that provide a complete personality profile as well as 360º assessments combined with Executive Coaching, offering individuals rich insights about their impact on others.

With teams we leverage a combination of team behavioural and motivations analysis and organizations diagnostic tools, and facilitate the implementation of transformation programs based on proven approaches, such as:

  • Strategic Visioning – Building a Future with Purpose
  • Building great Teams by Overcoming “the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team” (P. Lencioni);
  • The Tuckman Model of team building;
  • Leading Teams through Change;
  • Improving Communication to build stronger relationships.

We work with

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