Do you still hire without deeply knowing the personality of your candidates?

Do you feel you waste time enterviewing people that are not a good fit for the roles you are hiring for?

Did you know that hiring the wrong candidate can cost you more than 30% of his the annual salary?

Our solutions help improve the EFECTIVNESS of your hiring process and REDUCE YOUR HIRING COST so that you can make the right choice with confidence.

Potential Analisys

Use the Screening tools to identify the candidates that present higher potential and lower risk according to their decision-making capabilities.

People capable of making good decisions have a bigger potential for high performance and fit a wider range of roles. The quality of decision making depends to a large extent on individual’s reasoning and critical thinking capabilities.

Seletion of the best fit candidates

Once you have determined the candidates with lower risk and higher potential you need to see which ones are a better fit for the role.

You will use our Personality Profiling tools to get an in-depth understanding the reasoning, motivations and behavioral style of each candidate. You will have a complete personality profile of each candidate so that you can prepare to interview only the best candidates of your recruitment pool.

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